Italian (Berlitz Self-Teachers) por Putnam Publishing Group

Italian (Berlitz Self-Teachers) por Putnam Publishing Group

Titulo del libro: Italian (Berlitz Self-Teachers)

Autor: Putnam Publishing Group

ISBN: 0399513256

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Putnam Publishing Group con Italian (Berlitz Self-Teachers)

You acquire English naturally. Not through the memorization of long lists of vocabulary, not through the tedious chore of learning bare-bones grammar--but through actually speaking it. This fact of nature is at the heart of the Berlitz method for learning a new language, a method that has helped thousands enter an exciting multilingual world.
Only the Berlitz Self-Teachers guarantee all these special features:
- A unique series of specially designed oral exercises
- Simple, practical pronunciations-at-a-glance
- Exercises to make you think in your new language
- Tested techniques based on a century of teaching experience
With the Berlitz Self-Teachers as your guide you'll soon find that you can understand, speak, and even think your own thoughts in another language.