Hawking por Jim Ottaviani

Hawking por Jim Ottaviani

Titulo del libro: Hawking

Autor: Jim Ottaviani

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Jim Ottaviani con Hawking

Críticas ""This smart and wondrously exploratory scientific biography reveals as much about black holes as the man who explored them."" --Publishers Weekly ""Readers new to Hawking's ideas, and particularly his enigmatic musings about the nature of time, will find this book, cartoonish as it is, to be full of insight; the science is sharp and to the point...Every world-changing scientist deserves such an entertaining but factually rich treatment."" --Kirkus Reviews ""A well-rounded study of physics and one of its brightest stars."" --Booklist ""Packed with scientific theory, this graphic biography of a scientific luminary will appeal to budding physics and cosmology enthusiasts."" --School Library Journal ""Having tackled towering intellects such as Dian Fossey, Alan Turing and Richard Feynman, the great Jim Ottaviani turns to the late Stephen Hawking. The intellectually thrilling result does not disappoint."" --the Star Tribune Reseña del editor From his early days at Oxford, Stephen Hawking's brilliance and good humour were obvious to everyone he met. At twenty-one he was diagnosed with ALS, a disease that limited his ability to move and speak, though it did nothing to limit his mind. He went on to do groundbreaking work in cosmology and theoretical physics for decades after being told he had only a few years to live. Through his 1988 bestseller, A Brief History of Time, and his appearances on shows like Star Trek and The Big Bang Theory, Hawking became a household name and a pop-culture icon. In Hawking, Jim Ottaviani and Leland Myrick have crafted an intricate portrait of the great thinker, the public figure, and the man behind both identities. Ver Descripción del producto