How to Draw: Birds por Polly Pinder

How to Draw: Birds por Polly Pinder

Titulo del libro: How to Draw: Birds

Autor: Polly Pinder

Número de páginas: 32 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: November 11, 2008

ISBN: 1844483541

Editor: Search Press

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Polly Pinder con How to Draw: Birds

SEARCH PRESS-How to Draw: Birds. There are shapes in everything: small shapes, big shapes, ovals, circles, triangles and more. This collection of How To Draw books by well know artists is a great way to learn the basic skills needed to draw realistic animals, florals and even Leprechauns! Open up one of these fabulous books and see the world in a whole new light through the eyes of an artist! This book features twenty-eight beautiful birds: Owl, Dodo, Penguin, Woodpecker and many more. Artist: Polly Pinder. Softcover: 32 pages. Imported.