Check It Again! por Matt Purland

Check It Again! por Matt Purland

Titulo del libro: Check It Again!

Autor: Matt Purland

Número de páginas: 114 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: October 25, 2016

ISBN: 6068877426

Editor: SC Active Business Development SRL

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Matt Purland con Check It Again!

Páginas: 114 Géneros: 12:YQZ:Educational: study & revision guides 12:CJ:Language teaching & learning (other than ELT) 12:0:0 Sinopsis: Learn how to spot common mistakes in written English &ndash, and avoid making them! Can you spot the mistake in the text below? What ,s the chances of a manned mission to Mars? It could be a problem with apostrophes or a missing article, or maybe it just doesn ,t make sense. It could be there ,s a punctuation mark missing or a spelling mistake, or perhaps the words used don ,t agree &ndash, the verb is singular but the noun is plural &hellip, What do you think? Not sure? You need this book! Inside you will find 60 examples of incorrect English, including the one above, adapted from genuine mistakes published in newspaper and magazine articles, advertisements, websites, and leaflets. Each example has one mistake. Your task is to find it and say what kind of mistake it is &ndash, then write the corrected version. In the process you will improve your written English by learning to identify the common mistakes that professional writers make and that professional editors and proofreaders miss. We all need to write to communicate with others. This book shows you how to improve your written English by avoiding the mistakes that the professionals make. ALSO INCLUDES OUR EXCLUSIVE A-Z OF ENGLISH GRAMMAR WORDS! We hope that this new book will help you as you aim to make your written English