Technology in Digital Libraries por R.C. Ganguly

Technology in Digital Libraries por R.C. Ganguly

Titulo del libro: Technology in Digital Libraries

Autor: R.C. Ganguly

Número de páginas: 318 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: October 30, 2007

ISBN: 818205432X

Editor: Isha Books

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R.C. Ganguly con Technology in Digital Libraries

Libraries today are no longer confined within formidable looking buildings and walls housing countless books on various field of knowledge. The technological revolution that has swept the world has ensured that from stone tables to paper rolls to printed books, and now digital libraries without walls the medium and modes of operation of an organization like a library has indeed traveled a long way. Information today is well accessed through electronic format, which is faster, cheaper and less cumbersome., About The Author:- Dr. R. C. Ganguly, a well-known librarian and information scientist, has about fifteen years of experience in the field of library and information services. His area of special interest include digital cataloguing, digital information preservation, online library services, etc. he is also interested in social and industrial impacts of digital technologies., Contents:- Contents : Preface 1. Electronic Publishing 2. Information Discovery 3. Repositories 4. Online Services 5. Digital Reference 6. Archiving and Preservation 7. Digital Cataloguing 8. Online Linking 9. Digital Classifications 10. Resource Sharing 11. Communication Technology Access Bibliography Index