English - Spanish Reader's Dictionary por Victor Saase

English - Spanish Reader's Dictionary por Victor Saase

Titulo del libro: English - Spanish Reader's Dictionary

Autor: Victor Saase

Fecha de lanzamiento: December 4, 2011

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Victor Saase con English - Spanish Reader's Dictionary

This English - Spanish dictionary is optimized for the Kindle Reader.

Words are translated directly in the Ebook and the result is conveniently displayed on the border of the screen. Learn English while reading English literature and enjoy the rapid translation of unfamiliar words.

The dictionary has been optimized with regard to the fact that the selection cursor of the Kindle can capture only single words.

With a total volume of 270,000 words a complete and modern vocabulary is provided.

To set it as the primary dictionary please follow these steps:
1. In the main menu, push the "Menu" button and select "Settings"
2. Once again push the "Menu" button and select the "Change Primary Dictionary" option.
3. Now you can set the "English-Spanish Reader's Dictionary" as the default dictionary