Holly Hold On Tight: A Hotwife Novel por Parker Pascal

Holly Hold On Tight: A Hotwife Novel por Parker Pascal

Titulo del libro: Holly Hold On Tight: A Hotwife Novel

Autor: Parker Pascal

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Parker Pascal con Holly Hold On Tight: A Hotwife Novel

Dark desires. Dirty impulses. They’re not part of Holly’s normal workday, and not part of her and Julian’s happy and very normal marriage. Until now …When Holly takes on a new home health client as a last-minute favor, temptation is the last thing she expects. But Lance is hardly a typical patient. Young and built, the new arrival to town is in perfect health. An on-the-job crush injury has left the construction foreman with two temporarily useless hands. That's a unique frustration for a guy on his own, and when Holly sees just how big Lance's frustration is, a sudden craving has her contemplating a few treatments that aren't exactly in the nursing manual.Good thing she’s a professional. Phew!Julian knows he’s a lucky man. Works at home. Beautiful wife who still has an incredible body beneath those shapeless scrubs she wears. When Holly, who’s so fastidious about all things—including sex—becomes insatiable in the bedroom, he knows something's up. As her forbidden thoughts about her good-looking patient and his predicament become clear, the couple’s sex life takes off, and Julian’s idea of having his own “naughty nurse” becomes all-consuming.Is it just a fantasy? Don’t all patients need followup? As Holly struggles to keep it professional, Julian encourages her to let go of her inhibitions and take Lance’s treatment into her own hands. What’s the harm? She works hard. She’s a great mom. She deserves to misbehave a little … right?But Julian had better get a grip of his own. If Holly lets go of that scrupulous nature that’s gotten her so far in life, there’s no telling where she'll stop.Holly Hold On Tight is a 62,000 word hotwife awakening with a scorching finale. M/F